LED street light Aerolite LSL®90 is designed for urban roads, collector roads, high speed traffic roads, junctions, parking lots, more demanding industrial buildings or any other situation where a light of 1cd/m2 is demanded and required (ME3 road category according to EN 13201).

LED street light - Aerolite LSL90
Photometric data of LED street light LSL90
LED street light - Aerolite LSL90 LED street light - Aerolite LSL90 LED street light - Aerolite LSL90 LED street light - Aerolite LSL90 LED street light - Aerolite LSL90 LED street light - Aerolite LSL90

Aerolite LSL®90 - main characteristics:

  • Luxeon Rebel LEDs - top quality, awarded LEDs
  • LED GENION bar" - optimized LED modules exploiting every LED source to the fullest extent
  • QUADRUM optics" - FULL CUTOFF optics (IES and IDA standards) with high efficient reflector system directs light beams exactly where needed for achieving cutting edge light performance
  • I-NFINITY driver" - customized, intelligent driver for optimal operation with ultra energy efficient output
  • MATRIX 3D light" - unique light shape with asymmetric distribution of luminosity for best possible light uniformity/optimal covering of surfaces
  • COOLVERT" - uniquely optimized heat dissipation extends life time and preserves light performance
  • AEROCOMPACT housing" - aerodynamic, ultra slim luminaire with robust housing from aluminum alloy enabling increased overall performance and extended lifetime
  • ULTRA COATING" - life time multi layer protection of casing for excellent durability
  • ALL WEATHER RESISTANT  IP66 ingress protection rate
  • self cleaning feature reducing maintenance costs
  • complete electronic control of activity and LED light sources
  • ability to use an ordinary regulation of the light current
  • ability to regulate light current  from 1-100% with a rudder signal from 1-10V (without multilevels regulation)
  • acquired certificates:
    CE, RoHS, ENEC, IEC, IDA Approved
  • produced under strictest standards:
    Automotive ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001
  • 100% made in European Union
  • environmentally friendly ECO technology
  • prepared for a seamless upgrade of the system for different multifunction options

Aerolite LSL®90 - main technical data:

Light source 90 LED high power by Lumileds
Voltage 110 - 250 V (50 -60 Hz)
Luminaire flux From 12.900 up to 15.200 lm
Colour temperature 4000 K (other colour temperatures on request)
Power consumption From 107 up to 138 W (depending on lumen package)
Luminous efficiency Up to 100 lm/W
Lifetime Min. 60.000 hours / up to 100.000 hours
Protection rating IP66
Temperature range
-30° to +60° C
Working temperature
Safety class
Class I or II
Material Housing: aluminium alloy
Housing sealing: silicone, heat resistant
Cover: PMMA
Housing color RAL 9006
Weight 7.26 kg
Dimensions (LxHxW)
720 mm x 465 mm x 139 mm


Version Luminaire flux Power consumption Driving current LED type
Basic (no dimming) 12.900 lm 107 W 400 mA LS
Power red. 50%
Dim. range 1-100%
Basic (no dimming) 15.200 lm 138 W 500 mA LS
Power red. 50%
Dim. range 1-100%

Dimensions of LED street light LSL90

Code / Order No. Bracket
1899921 Fix angle 0°, Ø 60
1899901 Variable angle +/-15°, Ø 60
1899911 Variable angle +/-15°, Ø 76

3 types of Aerolite LSL®90:

  • BV: basic version (without dimming)
  • PR: 50% power reduction
  • DIM: 1-100% dimming (1-10V control signal)